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We couldn't say it better ourselves! Here are some testimonials from some very satisfied Kapsoft customers. See why people choose Kapsoft again and again for their high-tech consulting needs.



“Whenever we have an important job to get done, and we’re short handed, Kapsoft is at the top of our list. They’ll adjust their schedule to accommodate our needs — even on short notice. When Kapsoft signs up for something, they always get the job done. And they know how to stick to a budget! Kapsoft really came through for us when we finally had the capital to convert from 16 to 32-bit code. Inside a few months, the job was complete and ready for our annual trade show — which was a huge success. The GUI interface they developed made an outstanding statement. Kapsoft breathed new life into our product — and bailed us out at the last minute. We’re extremely satisfied with Kapsoft’s quality of work. And that’s why we continue to use them. Kapsoft provides us with the dependability, reliability and attention to detail we’re looking for.

Mark Burdack Manager Software”

True Position

“Kapsoft gets the job done. And they do a great job! It all comes down to when you put it together, it works. Kapsoft’s projects work — period. They’re definitely the experts in automated test software development.

Not only do they know the specific equipment and software. They also provided us with a system level view, and contributed strategically to our business. Kapsoft helped us to see our business in a whole new way. With their testing knowledge and experience, they’ve enabled higher yields for us on the manufacturing side — which is a big metric for us. And they’re flexible and adaptable to our needs.

It’s always risky going with an outside vendor or subcontractor. You never know what to expect. But I can tell you from personal experience — Kapsoft’s a safe bet. We’re very satisfied with Kapsoft and what they’ve done for our business.”

Jeff Bull Former Senior Director of Hardware Development

Clients and Projects

RushOrderTees.com - eCommerce and Web Orbit/FR - Antenna Radar Testing Accu-Sort Systems - Material Handling Systems CTI Data Group - Telephony Billing Pratt and Whitney - Heat Treating Data Acquisition System Hershey Foods - Data Acquisition TruePosition - ATE EasyAsk - NLP ABC Deco - Train Control Hill Rom - Incubator Control Scherrer Resources - CRM Digilog - Network Analysis Numerix - Bond and Security Trading Systems National Computer Systems - IT Systems


Kapsoft is constantly researching and trying new software technologies, stacks, platforms, languages, and frameworks.

The original focus of Kapsoft was Microsoft technologies. We are still experts in C#, VB.NET, and .NET. We apply this Tech to our scientific and engineering clients. A best fit today.

Along the way our founder Dean Kaplan - see Deanonsoftware.com - explored in interest in learning open source tools. The best way to learn is by actually doing it, so PHP based eCommerce proceeded for a client. It was an eye opener.

All current in-house projects are now written in some of the following Tech:

PHP Laravel Python Javascript NodeJS React AWS

Homegrown Products


The Internet Sports Database (isdb.io) is a “Kaggle like” Machine Learning/Data Science Platform enabling contests for professional sports events outcomes/predictions. These predictions are squarely aimed at the betting and fantasy sports markets.

This product is targeting the burgeoning online betting and fantasy sports marketplace. It also states as its mission to further Data Science research when it comes to predicting the future outcomes of sporting events.


The UX and UI Experience tool that gets your App experience going (fast).

Our IOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web Stencils are a must have kick start for your App User Interface development. Made from durable IMA Acrylic and precision cut by computer controlled milling machines to exact tolerances. Totally user friendly it has all the widgets and elements to draw that next big hit for your App.