Testimonial by ORBIT/FR, Inc.

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Whenever we have an important job to get done, and we’re short handed, Kapsoft is at the top of our list. They’ll adjust their schedule to accommodate our needs — even on short notice. When Kapsoft signs up for something, they always get the job done. And they know how to stick to a budget!

Kapsoft really came through for us when we finally had the capital to convert from 16 to 32-bit code. Inside a few months, the job was complete and ready for our annual trade show — which was a huge success. The GUI interface they developed made an outstanding statement. Kapsoft breathed new life into our product — and bailed us out at the last minute.

We’re extremely satisfied with Kapsoft’s quality of work. And that’s why we continue to use them. Kapsoft provides us with the dependability, reliability and attention to detail we’re looking for.

Mark Burdack
Senior Software Engineer




PO Box 43 • Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
610-585-6454 mobile