RF Testing and Measurement


Quickly and Easily Test for Radio Frequency Performance and Compliance

With Integrated RF Software Testing Solutions From Kapsoft — The Industry Leader

Experience and Precision

Kapsoft is a premier provider of integrated testing equipment, computer hardware and software systems that test, record, catalog and measure RF signal current. Whether you're a manufacturer of RF-emitting devices, or are responsible for building and maintaining cellular towers, Kapsoft has the experience to bring you a reliable, cost-effective and on-time solution.

Kapsoft delivers pre-packaged software for monitoring radio frequencies. We also specialize in custom software development. Whatever your RF testing requirements — from design to supply chain management to compliance — Kapsoft’s cost-effective solutions work the way you specify. We’re not afraid to work on a fixed-price basis. So you know up front the scope and cost of your upgrade. We’ll also work with you on an informational consulting basis.

We have a level of expertise and reliability that's unsurpassed in this industry. With years of hands-on experience — Kapsoft can handle it — from a tight schedule to long-term planning. We offer the flexibility and commitment you expect — but can't find elsewhere. With Kapsoft, you know things will work right, the first time. And you'll save time and money, too!

Guaranteed Results

Kapsoft brings you thirty years’ experience in radio frequency application and solution development. This means we quickly and effectively measure RF signal current with any Windows-based operations software. The result? You benefit from immediate, accurate test recording and reporting for your RF equipment. Not only that — our software and service come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Kapsoft Performance and Quality Guarantee ensures you get outstanding performance and quality. We guarantee it – our reputation depends on it. Take a look at some testimonials from our satisfied customers — and see why our customers are repeat customers!

When you need proven radio frequency testing software and an expert RF consultant, call Kapsoft. We’ll assess your needs over the phone and follow up with an on-site evaluation — no charge and no obligation. And we’ll include recommendations on how to improve your RF testing efficiency.

Important Benefits

Kapsoft’s reliable, easy-to-use radio frequency software solutions help you:

  • Get your product to market fast — ahead of your competitors. Your radio frequency testing processes can speed your product to market
  • Eliminate waste and re-work in your manufacturing processes — meet industry specs and regulations the first time
  • Increase efficiency in your operation — automate your testing process
  • Keep up with changing product lines — with software that’s both customizable and adaptable
  • Simply manage even the largest-scale manufacturing applications — with Kapsoft’s worldwide, industry-leading experience working for you
  • Promote higher customer satisfaction — track you’re testing results for better quality control
  • Improve your product quality and output — make more sales!

Any Questions?

Our RF Consultants are great at answering questions. From RF schematics to equipment — RF modulators,RF field strength meters, RF detectors (RF phase detectors). Even for questions on the basics of how to measure RF signal currents. Call us!

If your products have RF testing requirements — and you’re not familiar with Kapsoft — it’s time we meet.

Call us today at 1-800-513-7438! Let us help you see the results you’ve been missing.




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